Tips 'n Tricks

What a great way to shop!

Consider the marketplace a great bargain centre where you can also offload those items of value for which you no longer have need. You know, those cute items that hold sentimental value, but they are picking space just when you decide to downsize your accommodations.

If you are buying, don’t assume the asking price is the final cost. Most people will negotiate with a serious buyer, as long as you are offering a reasonable price. Prod the seller gently, and with some humour. Remember, a sale is made that much easier when the interpersonal relationship is warm and accommodating.

If you are selling, there are things you can do to get the most out of this marketplace. First, be sensible about the price you are asking. Items move fastest when they are priced right. Offer discounts for buyers who want more than one of an item. Offer gift-wrapping or delivery to speed the sale.

Most marketplaces are also great networking hubs. So even if you don’t find a bargain, or can’t sell that old clock, the engagement with others is the best deal in town.