Relocation of the Botanic Gardens Entrance to the Southern Gate


The National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority (NPRBA) announced that the planned relocation of the Botanic Gardens’ entrance to the southern gate opposite the Kingstown Baptist Church, will take place in November, 2011, ahead of the first cruise ship call to Port Kingstown.


The relocation is a return to the original access and follows recommendations contained in development proposals for the Botanic Gardens by Ivor Jackson and Associates in 2004.  This was following the development work undertaken through the Tourism Development Project 2007-2009.


A new visitor reception facility was constructed next to the southern gate under the Tourism Development Project. The NPRBA is now therefore seeking to operationalize this facility along with the associated relocation of the entrance to the southern gate.


It is expected that this will facilitate better overall management of the Botanic Gardens thus improving visitor flow and experience.


All visitors (local and foreign) will use the southern gate for entry into the Botanic Gardens and the current west gate for exit only.


Stakeholders will be informed by the NPRBA of the exact date in November 2011,  when the new entrance gate and reception facility will be made operational.


The NPRBA look forward to the cooperation of all.



Andrew Wilson

Director of National Parks

 National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority