WHISTLE BLOWERS (HR Tip) by Joachim and Associates




Employees who choose to alert authorities or regulatory agencies about illegal practices in the workplace are often referred to as “whistle-blowers”.


In some cases, people may not know where to turn if they witness an illegal action. In other cases, people choose not to tell anyone about what they know for fear of retaliation - fear that they will lose their jobs, fail to advance in the organization, and be shunned by others in the office.


In some countries, in order to protect persons who have valuable information about wrongdoing, governments have passed legislation making it illegal to fire, punish, or sue whistle-blowers for speaking out. Examples of such legislation include:


The Whistle-blower Protection Act of 1989

False Claims Act

Civil Service Reforms Act

Sarbanes-Oxley Act

In the private sector, many of these issues are dealt with via Policy and Procedural manuals.


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