Soufriere Trail clearing - Saturday 11th December 2010, 8:30 am

The La Soufriere Windward Bamboo Range site access road and hiking trails has been blocked by fallen trees due to damage associated with Hurricane Tomas.

Mr Trevor “Sailor” Bailey of Sailor’s Wilderness Tours, in collaboration with a number of tourism organisations and stakeholders, the National Parks, Rivers & Beaches Authority, SVG Ministry of Tourism, SVG Tourism Authority, SVG Taxi Drivers Association and the SVG Hotel & Tourism Association, is spearheading an exercise to clear the La Soufriere trail.

Personnel would depart the Bamboo Range area on Saturday 11th December 2010, 8:30 am hiking up to the La Soufriere Volcano, clearing fallen trees as they go along.

Contact the SVG Hotel & Tourism Association at  458-4379  or email: for additional information.