RECIPE BOOK - Breadfruit Recipes of SVG

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RECIPE BOOK - Breadfruit Recipes of SVG

The recently launched publication, Breadfruit Recipes of St Vincent & the Grenadines is available. Get your copy NOW from:

  •       R&M Adams Book Centre, Cruise Ship Terminal

  •       Gaymes Book Centre, Kingstown

  •       Ross’ Bookshop, Kingstown

  •       Reliance Stationery, Kingstown

  •       Nightingale Book Shop, Kingstown

  •       Clifton Beach Hotel, Union Island

  •       Airport Restaurant, Arnos Vale

  •       SVG Hotel & Tourism Association, Arnos Vale

  •       Bequia Tourism Association, Port Elizabeth

  •       Cloister Bookstore Ltd, Barbados

  •       Natmed Ltd, St. Lucia